Family Time


Does you family struggle with:

  • An out-of-control child?

  • Parenting style disagreements?

  • Holding children accountable?

  • Taking sides?

  • A loss of shared time?

  • Age gaps between children?

  • Shared customs/traditions?

  • Relationship boundaries with extended family?

  • The stress from the immigration/naturalization process?

  • A spouse/parents who travel a lot? 

  • Being a blended family?

  • Being a single parent household? 

  • Legal issues?

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Clarify Relationship Roles, Improve Relationship Bonds, and Adapt

Family therapy is a unique process of taking a look at how your family relates to one another, specifically children in a family, parents (husband, wife, partner), and the interaction of multiple systems impacting the immediate family as a whole.


No doubt tension and action-versus-reaction cycles don’t help to alleviate stress nor help your family maintain stability. I’m sure there have been times when you have struggled to keep your family flexible. Families are too often driven by reactivity. The reactivity is a reaction that resembles submission, defiance and difficulty being autonomous. Conversation either devolves into an argument or an agreement to avoid or ignore.


I approach the family system by incorporating the entire family into the issues. Instead of isolating an individual, I will support your entire family. Many factors impact how families function and members evolve. As your therapist, I will work together with you by taking a look at how members of your family position themselves, how members of your family think about things, how issues from past generations affect your immediate family, and what the entire family is struggling with.

I will join with your family to help adjust your family system and evolve the idea of togetherness versus individuals.


I will teach you and your family how to attain satisfying relief from issues by dealing successfully with them in a different way and in a different environment.