Do you ever feel that you struggle with:

  • Making decisions?

  • Feeling comfortable in social settings?

  • Procrastination?

  • Canceling on plans?

  • Feeling overwhelmed, confused, sad, or anxious?

  • The same issues over and over?

  • Unhealthy relationships?

  • Recurring issues in intimate partners?

Reach out for experienced help!

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Transition Through Life Stages

The process of learning how to evolve is often impacted by the family we are raised in, our cultural values/ beliefs/ assumptions, where we grew up, the friends we surround ourselves with, the effects of societal issues and the media, our own minds and bodies, and so on.


If only we were provided with a road map, a plan that helped us along the way make sense of it all, then perhaps life transitions might be less stressful.


Research indicates when someone receives individual therapy it aids in reducing fears, helps evolve healthy aspirations, improves upon experiences and communication. Clients notice their physical, intellectual, and emotional issues become less difficult and more manageable.


As a Denver Marriage and Family Therapist, I will collaborate with you to create a plan, evolve coping strategies, and relate to your unique life circumstances, situations, and issues. I utilize an integrated strength based and solution focused treatment model including interventions and skill work from various other treatment theories based on client needs,