Support That Makes a Difference

Need help to navigate transitions in life? I use an array of skills to give you the tools for success.

In Love


Guidance & Transformation

By exploring couples therapy you have taken a healthy first step towards walking together down a path towards improving your relationship.

It is normal to have disagreements in a relationship. During transitions you may feel lost and unable to find a balance. In most cases, intimate partners are raised in two different environments, so it is to be expected that their life experiences will cause them to think, feel, and behave differently, which naturally leads to differences in relating.


Unlike popular perception, relationship counseling is not only for couples with extreme problems, conflicts or issues. Even the healthiest and happiest couples need therapeutic help to bridge the gaps in how they relate towards each other. Couples therapy can teach you to tune up your love map.


There is emotion at the core of most couples’ issues.  Expressing emotion does not mean being “out of control.” In fact, emotion is central to the understanding and treatment of couples’ relationships. Humans transition from one stage to another in life and are inevitably impacted by emotion. How we understand our partner involves emotion. Couples therapy is an important component to the process of learning how to reconnect with emotions and express them in healthy ways to help each partner feel understood.


Couples sessions are usually 80-90 minutes in length, which provides us the necessary time to address your health needs.


I utilize Gottman Method Couples Therapy, an evidence-based couples therapy treatment model.

Reflecting in the Meadow


Embrace Life’s Challenges

There is tremendous benefit from attaining professional therapeutic help from a trained and licensed therapist with the experience to understand what you are going through.


Together we will evaluate options, explore your life experiences and discover workable solutions to compliment your strengths so you may make strides in overcoming life obstacles that help you evolve rather than remain stuck.

Problems with relationships; friends, family, intimate partners, and work can lead to mental health issues and make existing mental health issues (anxiety, depression) worse.


Often we get stuck in a pattern of thinking, feeling and behaving in ways we are used to and relying on advice from friends and family without a clear therapeutic plan to work from to achieve healthier gains.


The context of Psychotherapy Treatment is a private, safe and secure process to explore life challenges, feel heard without judgment, be supported, and get professional therapeutic support guided by the structure of evidence-based therapeutic practices to improve your overall mental well-being.


Individual Therapy Sessions are 50-80 minutes in length, which provides us with the time necessary to address your needs.


I utilize evidence-based practices which involve written, observational, oral, and instrument-based assessments to accurately inform treatment planning, interventions and the application of appropriate coping strategies.

Family Time


Get the Most out of Life

Has it been a while since you and your family spent quality time together?


Are you tired of everyone being on their electronic devices, arguments causing dinners to be cut short, or fighting between siblings?

I am often approached by clients who say, “If only there were a parenting guide that helped us all know what to expect so we could more adequately prepare for starting a family and launching into parenthood.” Family therapy can be that guide to help your family evolve and move through your current stage in life and prepare for future stages to come.


Often I find that couples when first starting out raising a family are affected in large part by their current stage in life or differing expectations on parenting. Most couples don’t have the time to consider what starting a family entails.


Families with the best outcomes and who experience less stress begin with how well the couple navigates the needs of each other first. The style of communication between the couple prior to launching into parenthood as well as discussed roles or expectations is a strong indicator of how well a family framework will function.


Family therapy can provide needed support to help each family member know roles/expectations and relate more effectively.


Family therapy offers unconditional respect for what you and your family have created and provides an opportunity to learn new skills for repairing after fights and navigating the various life stage challenges.